Why are the Robertsons are reality biggest stars?


I find it really funny to watch the media with all their know how scratching their heads figuring out how one family can have the highest ratings on TV.

If you have never seen or heard of the Robertson Family they are on A&E’s Show Duck Dynasty.  The family is headed by Phil Robertson who along with his sons, run the family business making duck calls.  Every episode ends with the entire family together and a prayer.  America is so thirsty for a show like this.  Yes the family is not perfect, but it is intact a family with some crazy relatives, and a togetherness that cannot be found in the current line up on TV.  Instead other shows about families have shown breakups and fighting, that it makes you wonder can this be all real.

The couture of the family cannot be found in Bergdorf Goodman and Black is not the common color as we find on the streets of New York.  What you find is camouflage, long beards, boots.  Real men, not only raising and training the next generation, but family togetherness.  The Robertson can be found hunting and fishing in woods.  The family deals with one another, in a most real way and with kindness that is not found in other reality shows.  While other reality show displays fighting and a real splinter in human relations, Duck dynasty doesn’t.  It displays a family, while not perfect trying to be cohesive.

Other shows like 2 1/2 men spends it’s time creating scenarios with misogynist men raising the next generation in a skewed idea of what real relationship are between men and women.   Shows that depict fathers as buffoons and mothers as the head of the house, while their husbands are overgrown boys.  Most reality shows depict people behaving in the most despicable way.  Yet producers think that showing people in the most horrible behavior will get ratings, the Jerry Springer of Reality shows.

What I find is good family value show, is what this country needs.  Too many families are being broken up.  We are a microwave society, where long term commitment is almost non-existence and is as rare as an albino raccoon, we live from moment to moment of happiness.  If we are not happy with something, we leave, break up.  instead of enduring with a joyful heart.

I am not saying that the Robertson family is ideal in midtown Manhattan, as Jese Robertson’s experience in a New York City hotel was, when an employee did not believe he was a guest there. but they do not hid who they are and despite any hardship they have faced and will face.  God is a primary focus.  Some might say that they are just some back wood rednecks, but right now they have the most popular show on TV.




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