American Education a lesson in incoherence


Couple Adopts Physically Disabled Baby Others Called a “Curse”

Not only is this a story about an unwanted child finding a family, but this is also an indictment of India and other 3rd world countries, that looks at children with deformities as a “curse” and something that needs to die. I used to work with a young lady from India, who told me that is very common and also expected to have a child like Adam and to leave him in the corner to die, or to kill him outright because of his deformities. She even asked me why we kept my brother who is mentally disabled. She and others from India and Eastern Europe don’t understand the grace and the responsibility one has to a child that God gives you.

Mystery Diner Pays for Family’s Meal and Leaves Behind an Incredibly Touching Note

Stories like this not only give me continued hope for mankind, but truly shows that a small act of kindness out weighs more than all the negative and evil that surrounds us on a daily basis. God bless the family and the Mystery Diner, whose selfless generosity has effected more than the family, but everyone who has read this story.

Slutwalk in Seattle

Great article about how our dress and manners cannot be without consequences.  Not to say that every women deserves to be raped but as the author says “We oftentimes hear people say that our actions betray our beliefs, and that like faith without works is dead, so speech without behaviors is tantamount to lies.”